Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've got a dream! Well, I have a lot of dreams. I think TOO many sometimes.
Ever since I was little, I have had huge ideas. I wanted to build a house in my backyard. I wanted to turn our disgusting cellar into a bedroom. I wanted to make movies and start my own business. I wanted to be point guard for the Texas Tech Lady Raiders or play Glinda on Broadway(which I still want to do :D) Our dreams change, come and go, and God gives us new dreams to hold on to. 
But even still, I feel like I have a lot of dreams.
So my question is what does God want us to do with our dreams, when we feel like we have so many? Usually...as a little kid...I would give them up because some of them just seemed impossible to reach. I know now that you SHOULD NOT give up on them. God is the Ultimate Dream Giver and he gave each of us a dream--or more than one--for a reason. I have always prided myself in trusting God in most areas of my life like finances, who I am going to marry, friends, and especially in the times I have moved. But I haven't fully trusted God with my dreams. Just because they are not happening right now, in this moment, does not mean that God has forgotten what he has given me.
So right now I think it is important to remember the dreams he has fulfilled, even the small ones:
I've always dreamed about living in a two story house (check)
I've always dreamed of graduating from high school (check)
I've always dreamed of working in a coffee shop (check)
I've always dreamed about going to college (check)
I've always dreamed about going to Africa (check)
I've always dreamed of living in my own apartment (check)
When you start writing it out, the list gets pretty long.
Thank you, Jesus, for fulfilling these dreams!
*Book- The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson